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By z4030166930, Jan 24 2017 09:21PM

This week we finished a new project. Our client had recently purchased the property next doors to their own to develop into one single large property.

They wanted a roof that not only gave them curb appeal but looked contemporary and would stand out from the rest of the properties in the street.

We spent time with our client discussing the various types of coverings, providing samples that would fit their budget whilst providing a look that met their design needs.

We agreed on Spanish Slates, as they are consistently hand- picked by architects around the world for their unrivalled beauty and exceptional high quality. The unique colour is totally natural and will not fade, even in the strongest sunlight

With a life expectancy of around 100 years it is likely they will outlive the expectancy of the building.

Also another architect’s favorite. To ensure the roof was given the wow factor we opted for Lead Hips and Ridges that we believed are unrivalled in their style, and complement Spanish slates so well.

However, its not just their aesthetic value that attracted us in recommending. The carbon footprint of lead, compared with other hard metals, is extremely low making it a very environmentally friendly material.

Its lifespan also means it lasts a generation without having to be replaced – on average more than three times longer

There is an established recycling infrastructure so almost 100% of the waste can be re-used.

Lead’s longevity means that architects can safely use it in designs needing to comply with Euro code requirements for a 60 year design life.

Lead installation is not impacted by damp or cold weather conditions, thereby minimising project delays.

Working with lead is a highly skilled job and will more likely be undertaken by skilled tradesman, thereby minimising the risks of employing unskilled labour using other products.

The economic benefits of using lead also came through strongly. Over a 40 year period lead can be up to 50% cheaper than manmade flashing products and over 65 years it is almost 100% cheaper.

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